* 48 CD-ROMs or 5 DVD-ROMs
* Two-Volume Image Catalogs -- 1800 Pages in All!
* Step-by-Step Guide to Using Clip Art in All of Your Favorite Mac Programs
* Exclusive Quick-Locator Index

Highest Quality!

* 750,000+ Royalty-Free Images
* Ideal for First-Time Publishers and Professional Designers Alike
* More than 80% in Color
* 65% Vector Clip Art (EPS), Scalable to Any Size
* Real Macintosh File Names
* On-Screen OS X-Compatible Image Browser for Fast Access
* Hassle-Free EPS, TIFF, JPEG and GIF File Formats
* Compatible with All Popular Programs and Printers
* Free Unlimited Technical Support
* DVD-ROM Version Features Lightning-Fast Key Word Searching


Vector Images - More than 195,000 of the finest scalable clip art images available in an unprecedented number of styles.

Raster Images – 35,000 spectacular graphics incorporating many unique styles.

Photographs – A complete library of 113,000 24-bit photographs from Auto Racing to Zebras, including more than 15,000 high resolution (240 DPI) photos.

Classic & Retro Images – More than 72,000 high-resolution illustrations rich in traditions and the splendor of yesteryear.

Fine Art – Hundreds of artists expressing their unique style in oil and water media, drawings in graphite and pastels, works on fabric and paper and more.

Backgrounds – More than 8,000 marbles, textures, fabrics, beads, and woods provide the perfect backdrop for all sorts of unique projects.

Web Graphics and Animations – 300,000 spectacular fast-loading buttons, bullets, banners, and accents, plus 500 animated GIFs and thousands of instant web page templates for a variety of industries.

Technical Symbols – 5,000 CAD graphics and symbols ideal for technical drawings floorplans and remodeling your home or office.

Fonts – You get 1800 high-quality fonts, TrueType and PostScript fonts – serif and sans-serif, script, decorative, novelty typefaces and more.


To run Art Explosion 750,000 you'll need:

Any PowerPC-based Macintosh computer, System 7.5 or later; and a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. New OS X on-screen image viewer requires System 10.2 or greater. Image viewer for Mac OS System 7.5-9.2 also included. Art Explosion works with all word processing, desktop publishing and graphics programs, including:

* Microsoft Word
* Quark Xpress
* Adobe InDesign
* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe Photoshop
* AppleWorks
* ClarisWorks
* Microsoft Works
* Pagemaker
* Canvas
* Freehand
* Print Explosion
* and more!

OS X Compatible

Compatible with all Printers!

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