CD: Maps and Flags

Bee-Line Maps and Flags is an exciting product with many creative possibilities.
All the flags are in vector graphics and can be used in countless ways.

The world map and regional maps are of fantastic craftsmanship.
With detailed borders, very country constitues one piece in the overall puzzle made up of the world map, and the individual countris can thus be removed from the whole.

All the maps and flags are stored as editable AI/EPS files in CMYK colours. This means that all the maps and flags can be imported into program than can read EPS files, just as they can be elaborated in programs campatible with Adobe Illustrator.

éditeur: Bee-line

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flags, Afghanistan1 flags, Afghanistan2 flags, Albania flags, Albania2 flags, Algeria1 flags, Algeria2
flags, Andorra1 flags, Andorra2 flags, Angola1 flags, Angola2 flags, Antigua-Barbuda1 flags, Antigua-Barbuda2
flags, Argentina1 flags, Argentina2 flags, Armenia1 flags, Armenia2 flags, Aruba1 flags, Aruba2
flags, Australia1 flags, Australia2 flags, Austria1 flags, Austria2 flags, Azerbaijan1 flags, Azerbaijan2
flags, Bahamas1 flags, Bahamas2 flags, Bahrain1 flags, Bahrain2 flags, Bangladesh1 flags, Bangladesh2
flags, Barbados1 flags, Barbados2 flags, Belarus1 flags, Belarus2 flags, Belgium1 flags, Belgium2
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